Enjoying your travels begins with an outstanding airport dining experience.

Bayport Concessions' wide-ranging restaurant concepts provide travelers in the San Francisco International Airport and the San Jose International Airport a respite from the often harried world of air travel, whether it be for a quick cup of roasted coffee or a leisurely bite to eat.

Novelty and flavor are important to today’s knowledgeable travelers, and so are ethics and aesthetics.  Our concept offerings concentrate on the local, artisanal and socially responsible, and are selected based both on taste and commitment to affordability and quality.

Each menu from the varied Bayport Concessions concepts has been thoughtfully curated to suit the tastes of travelers, and offers an appealing and evolving product mix focused on these principles.

We have developed a reputation of unparalleled operational diligence, and strive to uphold and maintain strong relationships with the airports in which we operate and our surrounding communities.